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Game Description

Disclaimer: All netorase related content is optional (there is no direct netorare in the game and never will be),


“Heir of Shadows” tells the story of a young man who discovers the hidden truth about himself and the world around him. How he will react and change over the course of the story depends on your choice!

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Installation Guide:

1- Extract and run.

Developer: Spacebird Studios

Language: English

Version: v0.2.2

Genre: 3DCG

Game Images

Change Log

Deities, Demons and all sorts of supernatural phenomena are hidden in plain sight, living and intervening in human society as they please. You have lived most of your life knowing none of this, working, drinking, falling in love. But now the veil is thinning and your awareness is rushing towards the unknown. (

Can you find out why and how this is happening to you, protecting those who are important in your life? Or will both worlds eventually collide, leaving only death and despair in their wake?

Link: The Heir of Shadows [v0.2.2] [SpaceBird Studios]

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